Ground Handling Coordination and Supervision

When it comes to ground handling coordination & supervision The ASA Group has a long and successful track record of ensuring smooth processing through our detailed and meticulous service approach. A dedicated member of our team attends every arriving and departing flight to pre-coordinate and manage every aspect and detail of the journey.



Upon arrival ground handling services are immediately attended to. Simultaneously, passengers are accompanied to a VIP lounge where available. Passengers are then able to relax while all visa, customs, immigration and quarantine (CIQ) formalities are being processed. The ASA Group supervisor oversees this process ensuring documents are handled efficiently and correctly. Once all formalities are complete passengers are escorted to their awaiting transportation, into which their luggage has already been loaded. We follow the same process and care for crew. After all processing is complete, our supervisor then accompanies them to their hotel to facilitate seamless arrival and check-in.



During their departure, the crew is again met at their hotel by The ASA Group supervisor, who accompanies them back to the airport to assist with all CIQ processing, fueling, and final ground and aircraft preparations. Our supervisor then awaits the arrival of the passengers and again assists them through the CIQ process, security screening and then to the aircraft. Our team remains at the airport until the aircraft has departed.



To enhance the ease of the trip planning process, our luxury concierge consistently delivers crew and passenger experiences that travel well past the airport runway. 5-star bespoke tours, nanny services, translation services, golf tee time reservations, ticket bookings, charter and commercial flight bookings, and any other special requests to ensure that your ground handling experience with The ASA Group goes beyond the usual standards of excellence.