Passenger and Crew Transportation and Accommodation

At ASA Ground Handling we know that providing world-class service to VIP and luxury travelers is first priority for any flight crew. But we also understand that crew and pilots need an equal level of service after a long flight. For that reason, we are proud to have provided transportation and accommodation services to both passenger and crew since 1999.



As well as organizing passenger and crew transportation, we regularly arranges hotel accommodations. We have access to a wide range of 3-5 star hotels, resorts and villas in locations throughout Asia that are sure to fit any requirement.

In choosing to take advantage of both our accommodation and transportation services you benefit from the expertise of a dedicated member of The ASA Group focusing on your needs from the beginning to the end of your journey. Special requests can be handled on-demand and with the entirety of your timeline in mind, with the benefit of world-class service throughout. This guarantees that transitions are seamless from the aircraft to the hotel and back, ensuring that from touch down to take off you’ll be guided by local expertise every step of the way.